Results May Vary is the fourth studio album by American rap rock band Limp Bizkit, released on September 23, 2003, through Flip and Interscope Records.

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Watching a video could change your attitude to rattlesnakes - though results varied by age, gender, religion and ... - EurekAlert

First Results from DESI Make the Most Precise Measurement of Our Expanding Universe

First results from DESI make the most precise measurement of our expanding universe

First results from BREAD experiment demonstrate a new approach to searching for dark matter

An experimental antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease, developed by Northeastern professor Kim Lewis, heads for human safety trials this spring. Results are anticipated by fall.

Annual Highlights of Results 2023: Introduction and Analyses

2023 Annual Highlights of Results from the International Space Station

Leukemia Breakthrough: Phase III Trial Achieves “Exceptional” Results

New observations with the James Webb Space Telescope reveal previously unseen galaxy mergers in the early universe. The results could shed light on galactic evolution.

Most Extensive Real-World Study on HIV Prevention Drug PrEP: The Results Are in

Findings from a phase 1 trial show that a single dose of an experimental therapy produced greater than 94% reductions in blood levels of lipoprotein(a), a key driver of heart disease risk, with the results lasting for nearly a year

Implementation of theoretical models: results of identification and evaluation of millions of information sources in different language versions of Wikipedia were made publicly available

Revolutionary Gene Therapy Tackles Parkinson’s at Its Source: Promising Results in Primates

First-of-Its-Kind Global Smoke Pollution Study Uncovers Alarming Results

New Drug Combo Shows Promising Results Against Early Stages Of Colorectal Cancer

NASA's UFO study team to announce results Sept. 14. Here's how to watch live.

A pocket-sized PCR test delivers results in 15 minutes

CAR-T-cell therapy without side effects? Researchers show results in preclinical models

Online AI-based test for Parkinson's disease severity shows promising results

Agriculture study delivers unexpected results: Cover crops and roots