RAPID is a high-level programming language used to control ABB industrial robots. RAPID was introduced along with S4 Control System in 1994 by ABB, superseding the ARLA programming language. Features in the language include...

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DNA nets capture COVID-19 virus in low-cost rapid-testing platform

Study predicts whether rapid tests will be able to detect future SARS-CoV-2 variants

Team develops method to identify future SARS-CoV-2 mutations that could affect rapid antigen test performance

Astrophysicists found that Betelgeuse was yellow-orange some 2,000 years ago. Compared to its current age – 14 million years old – the color transition is relative rapid for astronomical time-scales.

Rapid Eye Movements During REM Sleep Represent Gaze Shifts in the Dream World

Weedy rice has become herbicide resistant through rapid evolution

Study: Rapid Eye Movements during REM Sleep Mimic Gazes in Dream World

Rapid eye movements during sleep reveal where mice look in dreams

New method enables long-lasting imaging of rapid brain activity in individual cells deep in the cortex

Self-pollinating plant shows rapid loss of genetic variation

Rapid warming in the Gulf of Maine reverses 900 years of cooling

Larry Brilliant Says Covid Rapid Tests Are Bad for Public Health

Larry Brilliant on Covid Rapid Antigen Tests and Public Health

Cancers and heart disease could be diagnosed more easily with new rapid test

Rapid, at-home prototype saliva test that's as good as RT-PCR

Suspended sediment reduced by rapid revegetation after Fukushima decontamination

Dynamic travel restrictions can prevent rapid dispersion of new COVID-19 variants

Rapid loss of smell predicts dementia and smaller brain areas linked to Alzheimer's

Hot on the trail of the causes of rapid ice sheet instabilities in climate history

New COVID-19 rapid-test technology performs PCR faster than similar tests on the market