RAPID is a high-level programming language used to control ABB industrial robots. RAPID was introduced along with S4 Control System in 1994 by ABB, superseding the ARLA programming language. Features in the language include...

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The key to weathering rapid sea-level rise may lie in a Massachusetts salt marsh

Citizen scientists report global rapid reductions in the visibility of stars from 2011 to 2022

India’s federal disaster management agency has imposed a gag order on scientists — Satellite data analysis, combined with other techniques, reveals that the rapid sinking of hill town Joshimath could be caused by groundwater extraction

Space Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office eyes first launch this weekend

Climate Warming and Rapid Ice Melt Linked to Volcanic Activity and Low Ocean Oxygen Events During Last Ice Age

Rapid evolution of spermatogenesis

White House Restarts Free Covid Testing As Cases And Deaths Rise — Here’s How To Order Free Rapid Tests

Rapid fluctuations in oxygen levels coincided with Earth's first mass extinction

Volcanic activity and low ocean oxygen events linked to climate warming and rapid ice melt during last ice age, study finds

US Space Force awards 'rapid launch' contracts to Firefly, Millennium Space Systems

Simple, rapid and robust method makes mouse whole organs transparent for imaging

Voice screening app delivers rapid results for Parkinson's and severe COVID

Firefly, Millennium Space selected for U.S. Space Force rapid-launch demonstration

Rapid delivery: Injected protein flips a switch in the brain, disappears

DNA nets capture COVID-19 virus in low-cost rapid-testing platform

Study predicts whether rapid tests will be able to detect future SARS-CoV-2 variants

Team develops method to identify future SARS-CoV-2 mutations that could affect rapid antigen test performance

Astrophysicists found that Betelgeuse was yellow-orange some 2,000 years ago. Compared to its current age – 14 million years old – the color transition is relative rapid for astronomical time-scales.

Rapid Eye Movements During REM Sleep Represent Gaze Shifts in the Dream World

Weedy rice has become herbicide resistant through rapid evolution