Top news for December 21, 2008

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Supreme Court Preserves Access to Abortion Pill, pending Appeal

This Astoundingly Simple Ancient Technique Is Helping to Beat Back Drought

Reports Of Tinnitus After Covid-19 Vaccination, More Studies Needed To Determine Link

A Psychologist Warns Against The Dangers Of A One-Sided, ‘Parasocial’ Relationship

NASA is Sending Humans Back to the Moon, But it Won't Stop There. Next Comes Mars

Hubble Captures Rarely Explored Galaxy Cluster, Filled With Cosmic Curiosities

Bias in Science and Medicine regarding genital mutilation; for female procedures, ‘genital mutilation’ was used most frequently (61.7% of articles), whereas for males, ‘circumcision’ was used almost exclusively (99.4%).

Common Sleeping Pill May Reduce The Build-Up of Alzheimer's Proteins, Study Finds

New Study of Einstein Rings Says Dark Matter Behaves More Like a Wave, Not a Particle

We May Have Just Detected an Elusive Ocean World Orbiting a Sun-Like Star