Top news for 2023-01-21

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Six Minutes of Intense Exercise Boosts a Crucial Molecule in Your Brain

Over the moon! Buzz Aldrin announces marriage to 'long-time love' on 93rd birthday

Gov. DeSantis Incorrectly Claims Covid-19 Booster Makes You ‘More Likely To Get Infected’

‘King Tides’ Feared Next Week In Wake Of Closest ‘Super New Moon’ For Almost A Millennium

World Economic Forum: Here Are All The Covid-19 Precautions At Davos 2023

It keeps going and going: NASA's Mars helicopter makes 40th flight

How Chaos Theory Relates Two Seemingly Different Areas of Physics

Justice Department Investigating Abbott Infant Formula Plant

Study: Viagra, Cialis Users 25% Less Likely To Suffer Early Death, Here Are Caveats

Rare Genetic Phenomenon Linked to Schizophrenia