Top news for 2023-01-05

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Blood pressure drug holds promise for treating PTSD

Full Moon: When To See This Week’s ‘Wolf Moon’ Rise, 2023’s First Of 13 Full Moons

Where Are All The Scientific Breakthroughs? Forget AI, Nuclear Fusion And mRNA Vaccines, Advances In Science And Tech Have Slowed, Major Study Says

CES 2023: What Should You Expect?

A Psychologist Explains Why We Need To Bust The ‘Addictive Personality’ Myth

Plan To Use Weather Forecasts In 2023? - 7 Changes You Need To Make

Armed with air samplers, rope tricks, and—yes—ants, virus hunters spot threats in new ways

InnovationRx: Science Slowdown, A New Covid Variant Surges And Helping Chemo Patients Keep Their Hair

When And Where To See The New ‘Comet Of The Year’ At Its Best

The Number of American Kids Eating Cannabis Has Surged Dramatically