Top news for 2021-03-05

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NASA will revel in Perseverance rover's 'firsts' on Mars today and you can follow it live

Octopuses Not Only Feel Pain Physically, But Emotionally Too, First Study Finds

The Famed Painting The Scream Holds a Hidden Message

Scientists still stuck on Betelgeuse antics a year after strange dimming episode

Comet Catalina suggests comets delivered carbon to rocky planets

NASA’s Perseverance Drives on Mars’ Terrain for First Time

Alien Super-Earth Planet Discovered Just 26 Light Years Away – Probably Has an Atmosphere

China announces major boost for R&D, but plan lacks ambitious climate targets

Retinal Implants Equipped With 10,500 Electrodes to Give Artificial Vision to the Blind

The collapse of Northern California kelp forests will be hard to reverse