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A study says virtual conferences do not mitigate gender disparities in scientific discourse, emphasizing the need for continued efforts to amplify women scientists' voices

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US men die 6 years before women, as life expectancy gap widens

Why the Life Expectancy Gap between Men and Women Is Growing

New research on loneliness stigma: Men, compared to women, perceive more community stigma about loneliness; women, compared to men, experience more self-stigma (e.g., shame).

Sleep loss directly impacts cardiovascular health in women

Researchers explore origins of lupus, find reason for condition's prevalence among women

Shortening sleep time increases diabetes risk in women

Women in the US outlive men by 6 years – the largest gap in decades

Women take less risks than men as they are more likely to expect things to go wrong and more sensitive to these potential losses https://doi.org/10.1111/bjop.12668

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Higher risk of breast cancer in women with false positive mammography result

Debunking Prehistoric Myths: Women Were Big-Game Hunters in Ancient Peru

Eve review: Why women's bodies belong at the heart of human evolution

Debunking Myths: Women Were Prehistoric Hunters, Not Just Gatherers

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Challenging prehistoric gender roles: Research finds that women were hunters, too