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CDC Warns of Cow-to-Human Transmission of H5N1 Bird Flu in Texas

Sea surface temperature research provides clear evidence of human-caused climate change

Possibility of wildlife-to-human crossover heightens concern about chronic wasting disease

Teaching nature to break human-made chemical bonds

Can Artificial Intelligence Think Like a Human?

First-of-Its-Kind Procedure Uses Pig Liver to Filter Human's Blood

Key factors in human-made earthquakes

ULA's Vulcan rocket launches private US moon lander, 1st since Apollo, and human remains in debut flight

First-in-human clinical trial of CAR T cell therapy with new binding mechanism shows promising early responses

New Swine Flu Strain Discovered in a Human in The UK For The First Time

Honeybees Suffer Unnecessarily in Human-Made Hives, Study Finds

Momentous Discovery Shows Neanderthals Could Produce Human-Like Speech

Smart rats show human-like powers of imagination in neural research

Jerry Ross was the first human to be launched into space seven times, a world record that Ross now shares with one other NASA astronaut.

Beyond Human: MIT Experts Explain Generative AI and the ChatGPT Phenomenon

A Gene Inherited From Another Type of Human Could Still Affect Our Mental Health

AI ‘breakthrough’: neural net has human-like ability to generalize language. It outperforms ChatGPT at quickly folding new words into its lexicon, a key aspect of human intelligence.

Keeping a human in the loop: Managing the ethics of AI in medicine

Australian Seaweed Boosts Collagen Levels in Human-Like Skin Cells in The Lab

First ever human-based model for opioid overdose and recovery