Top news for 2024-01-27

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Jon Franklin, Pioneering Apostle of Literary Journalism, Dies at 82

NASA's Perseverance rover could have unearthed fossilized life, discovery of ancient lake bed reveals

Slingshot to Discovery: Lucy’s 2024 Odyssey Among Jupiter’s Ancient Guardians

A valuable molecule sourced from the soapbark tree and used as a key ingredient in vaccines, has been replicated in an alternative plant host for the first time, opening unprecedented opportunities for the vaccine industry

Shadows and Light: Discovering the Hidden Depths of Quantum Materials

Dawn of the Cygnus: A Cosmic Caravan’s Voyage to the Starry Outpost

Pets Appear to Slow Cognitive Decline in Older People Who Live Alone

Breaking Cosmic Speed Limits: Powerful Astrophysical Jet Challenges Existing Theories

Forensics Cornerstone Shattered: AI Discovers That Not Every Fingerprint Is Unique

People Are Paying Big For Moon Burials And It Could Be Crossing a Concerning Line