Top news for 2024-01-14

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SpaceX says propellant venting caused loss of second Starship - SpaceNews

Black Holes and Neutron Stars are Finally Linked to Supernovae

Mach 1.4 in Stealth Mode: The Science Behind NASA’s X-59 Quiet Supersonic Aircraft

The Gallium Anomaly: Uncovering a New Particle in Physics

Revolutionizing Addiction Treatment: The Promising Future of Eye Movement Therapy

Strange ‘magic islands’ on Saturn’s moon Titan may be porous iceberg

2024: The Year of the Sun’s Grand Show – New Study Predicts Solar Peak

When Circles Collide: Students Unravel a Math Mystery

Giant Solar Farms May Warp Weather on The Other Side of The Planet

We've been 'close' to achieving fusion power for 50 years. When will it actually happen?