Top news for 2023-12-27

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JWST Sets a New Record, Sees Newly Forming Stars in the Triangulum Galaxy

Overlooked No More: Ethel Lindgren, Anthropologist of Reindeer Herding Cultures

Shattering Stereotypes: Eating Disorders in Every Shape and Color

Decoupling speciation and extinction reveals both abiotic and biotic drivers shaped 250 million years of diversity in crocodile-line archosaurs - Nature Ecology & Evolution

Scientists discover breakthrough light-matter hybrid

Redefining Cosmic Norms: Dwarf Galaxies and the Dark Matter Enigma

NASA Astronauts are Trying Out the Starship Lunar Elevator

Intermittent Fasting Seems to Result in Dynamic Changes to The Human Brain

New Research: A Single Sleepless Night Can Rapidly Reverse Depression for Days

Dream Chaser enters final testing ahead of 2024 debut space flight