Top news for 2023-12-24

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Einstein’s Twist: Princeton Astrophysicists Unravel the Mystery of Black Hole Jets and Galactic “Lightsabers”

Affecting Millions: Human Insulin Less Temperature-Sensitive Than Previously Thought

Quantum Revolution: Uniting Twistronics and Spintronics for Advanced Electronics

Sabotaging Superbugs: Scientists Unveil New Tactics Against Antibiotic Resistance

Brushing Teeth Appears to Protect Against Pneumonia, Study Finds

Scientists Discover Mysterious New Moth Species in Europe

How to Create a Black Hole Out of Thin Air

Strange Paradox: Hypochondriacs Face a Greater Risk of Death After All

Researchers use VLT exoplanet hunter to study Jupiter's winds

55 years after Apollo 8's Christmas at the moon, a new Artemis crew readies for launch (exclusive)