Top news for 2023-12-08

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Scholars say it's time to declare a new epoch on the moon, the 'Lunar Anthropocene'

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Returns to Science Operations

SpaceX launches 22 Starlink satellites from California (video)

MAF Status 2022-07-07 08:54

Beyond Einstein: A Solution to One of the Great Mysteries of Cosmology

Google Unveils Powerful New AI Said to Out-Think ChatGPT

We Thought We Found Alien Moons, But They Might Not Exist After All

Mysterious Link Between Owning Cats And Schizophrenia Is Real, Study Says

Unexpected Protein Linked to Early-Onset Dementia in Huge Discovery

Rethink the Mars Program It’s time to consider alternatives to sample return By Robert Zubrin, December 7, 2023, Opinion published in Space News.