Top news for 2023-11-16

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Will It or Won't It? Iceland's Volcano Threatens Eruption

Racing For Place In The New Space Race: Customers Seek Launch Options

Scientists Have New Theory For How Life’s ‘Building Blocks’ Arrived On Earth — And What It Means For Life On Other Planets

To Treat Overdose Patients Now, Hospitals Must Test for More Kinds of Drugs

2 Ways ‘Manufactured Curiosity’ Is Hurting Your Ability To Learn

What Brazil Has And Hasn’t Achieved On Road Safety

Zombie Deer Disease: Everything To Know About Chronic Wasting Disease After Yellowstone Confirms First Infection

5 Lessons For All ‘True Empaths’ To Live By, From A Psychologist

The FDA Approved A New Medication To Prevent A Common Hospital Infection

3 Ways Sibling Relationships Change Over Time, According To Science