Top news for 2023-11-12

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Why You Shouldn’t Text Them After They Ghost You, According To A Psychologist

Webb’s Window Into Cosmic Birth: Ice Pebble Drift Sparks Planetary Life

Brain’s Recycling System: Researchers Unlock the Secret to Neuron Renewal

NASA+: The New No-Cost, Ad-Free Streaming Service From NASA

Why Vultures Might Just Be the Smartest Birds Above the Block

Unveiling the Mysteries: New Insights on Why Marine Predators Dive Into the Dark, Deep Sea

SpaceX Dragon Docks to Station With Crucial Supplies and Science Cargo

An 'Extra Fold' in The Human Brain May Delay Early Dementia by Years

Lost in space: astronaut’s toolbag orbits Earth after escaping during spacewalk

The Apollo program continues to inspire 'moonshots' in the 21st century