Top news for 2023-11-08

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A Controversial Superconductor Paper Has Finally Been Retracted by Nature

Scientists Have A New Prescription For Pain: Your Favorite Music

A Psychologist Shares 3 Science-Backed Parenting Tips

No Lasers Needed: Optical Cavity’s Quantum Trick Alters Material Magnetism

Scientists Uncover Potential Treatment for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

It's Official: Oxygen Has Been Directly Detected in Venus' Dayside Atmosphere

Fossil Fuel Use Increasing, Not Decreasing, as Key Target Looms

HOLD UP! Hidden Moon Discovered During Asteroid Flyby Isn't What We Thought

Revolutionizing Cancer Care With Bendable X-Ray Detectors

Ghost Particle Unmasked: Project 8’s Neutrino Mass Breakthrough