Top news for 2023-10-29

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World's smallest particle accelerator is 54 million times smaller than the Large Hadron Collider — and it works

Cannibalistic Dads May Be Contributing to Hellbender Salamander Declines

The Hurricane Otis Forecast Bust And An Important Lesson

Breaking the Quantum Limit: From Einstein-Bohr Debates to Achieving “Unattainable” Efficiency

New Data Reveals That Vasectomies Are Becoming More Common in the United States

In 1952, a group of three stars vanished—astronomers still can't find them

Game-Changer in Electric Vehicles: New Battery Design Curbs Fires & Supercharges Storage

In Photos: See The Dramatic ‘Hunter’s Moon Eclipse’ And Jupiter Light Up Night Sky

A Paradigm Shift – Scientists Use Engineered Bacteria To Lower Blood Pressure

How Old Are Your Eyes? New 'Clock' Could Reveal Disease Risk