Top news for 2023-10-20

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NASA’s Voyager Team Focuses on Software Patch, Thrusters

Halley’s Comet, Last Seen In 1986, Will Unleash ‘Shooting Stars’ This Weekend—How To Watch

Strange Rock In 15th Century Painting Identified As Prehistoric Stone Tool

This Public Health Measure Bridges the National Divide over Firearms--Just Don't Call It Gun Control

1,000 Drones Just Flew Over New York City At Once. Here’s What That Looked Like

Does ‘Thirst Trapping’ Strengthen Or Strain Your Relationship?

See NASA’s Jaw-Dropping Best Images For 22 Years Of Jupiter Moon

More Atlantic Hurricanes Rapidly Increasing to Cat. 3, Study Finds

Researchers Create Cleaner Alternative To Using Cobalt In Batteries

How New Advances in Organ Transplants Are Saving Lives