Top news for 2023-10-09

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Surprising Tectonic Discovery: Geologist Unexpectedly Finds Remnants of a Lost Mega-Plate

Researchers identify largest ever solar storm in ancient 14,300-year-old tree rings

Total solar eclipse 2024: Live updates

Why NASA Will Fire Three Rockets At The ‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse

See The Bizarre Image That Just Won An Inaugural AI-Art Award

Earthquakes In Afghanistan Kill More Than 2,500 People

How Do ‘Throuples’ Make It Work? A Psychologist Explains

10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Saturday’s ‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse

See The ‘Ring Of Fire’ As ‘Shooting Stars’ Fall: The Sky This Week

New Portable Water Treatment System Vaporizes 99% of ‘Forever Chemicals’