Top news for 2023-10-05

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A New Way to Prevent S.T.I.s: A Pill After Sex

Italy’s Supervolcano Shows Signs Of Seismic Unrest

How the Kaiser Permanente Strike Could Affect Patients

2 Relationship ‘Beige Flags’ That Are Red Flags In Disguise, According To A Psychologist

Where To Get Free Solar Eclipse Glasses For October’s Big Event

Black Holes Might Not Be Quite as 'Simple' as We Thought, New Paper Suggests

Gun Deaths Rising Sharply Among Children, Study Finds

A Pink Eye Epidemic Is Sweeping Parts of Asia, Infecting Thousands a Day

NASA Apollo 16 mission item hits auction market, expected to go for nearly $750K

A manmade object now outshines nearly every star in the night sky and that could be a problem, astronomers say