Top news for 2023-10-01

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An Invasive Mosquito Threatens Catastrophe in Africa

Life Should Exist On An Exoplanet 65 Light-Years Away, Says Study

Government Shutdown Could Cause Chaos At U.S. National Parks, Eclipse-Chasers Warn

Patagonian Majesty: Ice Fields, Glacier Milk, and Rising Seas

Deep Brain Stimulation: The New Frontier in Tracking Depression Recovery

Chi-Nu Experiment’s Final Insights: Pioneering Data for Nuclear Security & Reactor Design

Confirmed: New Study Shows The Gulf Stream Is Definitely Weakening

Brrr-eaking Milestones: Antarctic Sea Ice Sees Record Low Growth

Solar’s Slim Solution: The Rise of High-Efficiency Thin Silicon Cells

A Nobel Prize Might Lower a Scientist’s Impact