Top news for 2023-09-30

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TikTok’s ‘Girl Dinner’ Trend: Relatable Or Reason For Concern?

Why finding alien life in Universe is now 'only a matter of time'

Astrophysicists Unlock Mysterious Secrets of Strange Lava Worlds

Osiris-Rex Probe Returns with Asteroid Sample: A Milestone in Space Exploration

Prevalence rates of young adult depression and cannabis use strengthened following recreational legalization in the US. This is potentially due to increases in cannabis accessibility and the acceptance of the health benefits of cannabis, which may enhance the use of cannabis as a coping mechanism.

Groundbreaking Findings – Early Alzheimer’s Treatment Shows Improvement in Cognition

Breaking Quantum Boundaries: A New Theory for Periodically Driven QD-Cavity Hybrid Systems

New Research Uncovers That a Certain Protein Is Directly Linked to Autism-Like Behavior

‘Close to the Line’: Why More Seniors Are Living in Poverty

For Black Mothers, Birthing Centers, Once a Refuge, Become a Battleground