Top news for 2023-09-16

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U.S. Already Has 23 Billion Dollar Disasters in 2023

MDMA Therapy for PTSD Inches Closer to U.S. Approval

Ancient Plant Protein Could Create Climate-Resilient Crops

Vast ‘Galaxy Bubble’ A Billion Light Years Wide Discovered By Accident

NASA: Summer 2023 Was Earth’s Hottest Since Global Records Began in 1880

New Study: AI Chatbots Surpass the Average Human in Creativity

Springtails: The Ancient Masters of Antifreeze and Arctic Survival

‘Unusual’ creature found in Brazil is world’s first known fox-dog hybrid, study says

Biological Masterpiece – Evolution Wired Human Brains To Act Like Supercomputers

“Paradigm Shifting” Discovery – Researchers Challenge Fundamental Principles of Molecular Neuroscience