Top news for 2023-08-15

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Cooking Up Life: How a Chemical Reaction Used by Chefs Helped Create Life on Earth

Addiction Treatment Eludes More Than Half of Americans in Need

In This Ancient Garden, Plants Can Cure or Kill You

Cuvier's beaked whale seen grieving dead calf for first time

Supersonic tsunamis 3 times as tall as our sun are breaking on a distant 'heartbreak star'

'Star Trek' creature designer Neville Page on designing aliens and his new book (exclusive)

Space Race 2,Mission to the Moon: Who will win Russian and India's race to the lunar South Pole?

Macaques in Puerto Rico learned to share shade after Hurricane Maria

Narcissists, Dinosaurs, Deep-Sea Mining, and More

Chandrayaan-3 vs. Luna-25: Are India and Russia racing to the moon's south pole?