Top news for 2023-08-14

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NASA Clocks July 2023 as Hottest Month on Record Ever Since 1880

Russia Launches First Moon Mission after Half-Century Hiatus

China makes Chang'e 5 moon samples open to international researchers

Muon Mystery Deepens with Latest Measurements

Mitochondria Hold The Secret Of The Origins Of Cellular Complexity On Earth

“Quantum Avalanche” – A Phenomenon That May Revolutionize Microelectronics and Supercomputing

Global Wildfires Surge: A Comprehensive Analysis Through ESA’s World Fire Atlas

Climate Change and U.S. Agriculture: Why Irrigating More Crops Is Vital for Future Yield

Meet the SpaceX Crew-7 astronauts launching to the ISS on Aug. 25

Fossil from "tiny" whale, 41 million years old, discovered in Egypt