Top news for 2023-08-13

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Mütter Museum in Philadelphia Weighs Dialing Down its ‘Electric Frankness’

NASA Study Reveals Compounding Climate Risks at Two Degrees of Warming

Johns Hopkins Engineers Develop Deep-Learning Technology That May Aid Personalized Cancer Therapy

Meteorite that crashed to Earth 3,500 years ago carved into arrowhead by Bronze Age hunters

'Quantum superchemistry' observed for the 1st time ever

Comet Catastrophe Debunked: Archaeologists Refute Claims That a Comet Destroyed Hopewell Culture

This Week @NASA: Artemis II Astronauts Meet Orion, Webb Reveals Most Distant Star Ever Detected

I have been in the bright city lights for awhile and have not seen the Milky Way for years. I took this last night while watching the perseids. It’s only an iPhone, hand held.

Mitochondria Hold The Secret Of The Origins Of Cellular Complexity On Earth

Study: Marijuana Users About Half as likely to Develop Type 2 Diabetes