Top news for 2023-08-09

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Mars’ Rotation Rate Is Mysteriously Accelerating, Says NASA

Ancient mud cracks on Mars point to conditions favorable for life

China aims to boost low-cost space science with 'Innovation X' rideshare program

Mars may have once had wet and dry seasons – like those on Earth – conducive to the emergence of life

Beyoncé Concert In D.C. Suburb Highlights Complex Weather Challenges

Smoking-gun evidence for modified gravity at low acceleration from Gaia observations of wide binary stars

Sun Unleashes an X1.5 Class Flare: NASA Captures the Stunning Display

How prehistoric people settled one of Earth’s most extreme places

A Miami Suburb Overrun With Peacocks Turns to Vasectomies to Rein Them In.

Why 2023 is a Great Year for the Perseid Meteors