Top news for 2023-08-03

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Asteroid collisions may be responsible for mysteriously magnetic meteorites on Earth

NASA Selects Axiom Space for Another Private Space Mission in 2024

California Waves Have Grown a Foot Taller because of Climate Change

Windpark Fryslân: The World’s Largest Freshwater Wind Farm

Calcium Uptake: New Discovery Could Slow Aging and Prevent Age-Related Diseases

1st solar eruption to simultaneously impact Earth, moon and Mars shows dangers of space radiation

Covid's Summer Wave Is Rising—Again

‘Bullshit’ After All? Why People Consider Their Jobs Socially Useless

New Lego Technic Perseverance Mars rover was a 'thrill' says JPL advisor

New Stephen Hawking book 'You and the universe' asks kids to save the Earth (exclusive)