Top news for 2023-07-22

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James Webb spies unexpected carbon dust in early galaxies

Into the Unknown: NASA’s GEDI Space Laser Provides Answers to Rainforest Canopy Mystery

Tornado Rips Through North Carolina Pfizer Site, Damaging Drug Supplies

A Mystery in the E.R.? Ask Dr. Chatbot for a Diagnosis.

Gorgeous photos show SpaceX's next Starship Super Heavy booster on the launch pad

NASA's rover photo shows water once absolutely gushed on Mars

A skyscraper-size asteroid flew closer to Earth than the moon — and scientists didn't notice until 2 days later

Massive, Cloud-Like Planet Discovered That's as Fluffy as Cotton Candy

India's Chandrayaan-3 moon rover mission aces orbit-raising maneuvers around Earth

Galactic Energy registers sixth consecutive successful launch