Top news for 2023-07-16

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A new study shows the benefits of an accurate ADHD diagnosis — so why can't women get one?

Everett Mendelsohn, Who Linked Science and Society, Dies at 91

This Week @NASA: Webb Celebrates First Year, NASA Humanoid Robot, Low Altitude Flights

Unique Quasar Sheds Light on Cosmic Mysteries: The Brightest in 9 Billion Years

This Blind Fish Lives in Darkness, But Somehow It Can Still Perceive Light

Gravity Still Holds: Einstein’s Relativity Theory Stands Strong After Quantum Challenge

Powered by Dark Matter: Webb Space Telescope Catches Glimpse of Possible First-Ever “Dark Stars”

The unlikely story of the first photo of Mars ever seen on TV

RFK Jr. Makes Unfounded Claims About Covid-19, Caucasians, Black People, Jews, Chinese

Little Balls Of Rock Could Unlock The Mysteries Of Early Earth And Mars