Top news for 2023-07-14

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India Cannot Afford To Ignore The Epidemic Of Diabetes

Europe’s Sizzling Summer: A Heatwave Like Never Before

What's Happening in the Ocean, and Why It Matters to You and Me

NASA's Artemis 2 moon mission: Live updates

Webb Telescope Finds The Oldest And Most Distant Black Hole Yet

New Tinnitus Therapy Can Quiet Torturous Ringing in the Ears

Psychologist’s Take: What Is ‘Kenergy’ And How You Can Find Yours

ChatGPT Boosts Quality For Routine Business Communications, MIT Study Finds

Novak Djokovic’s Nano Patch: He Calls It His ‘Biggest Secret’—Some Experts Call It Bogus

Evelyn M. Witkin, Who Discovered How DNA Repairs Itself, Dies at 102