Top news for 2023-07-09

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Solar storm on Thursday expected to make Northern Lights visible in 17 states

Is ‘Long Vax Syndrome’ A Rare Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effect? Here’s What’s Known

Toxic Hitchhikers: How Microplastics Carry Heavy Metals Across Our Rivers

Sustainable Syntheses of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen from Biorenewable β-pinene

This ancient, Lovecraftian apex predator chased and pierced soft prey

Stunning View of powerful Cyclone Mocha Closing In on Mount Everest

Exploring the Universe’s “First Light” With NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb telescope detects the earliest strand in the 'cosmic web' ever seen

The climate of Mars changed dramatically 400,000 years ago, Chinese rover finds

Mushroom-shaped superplume of scorching hot rock may be splitting Africa in 2