Top news for 2023-07-08

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Swirls of liquid iron may be trapped inside Earth's 'solid' core

Drowning Is No. 1 Killer of Young Children. U.S. Efforts to Fix It Are Lagging.

SpaceX, FAA seek to dismiss environmental groups' Starship lawsuit

When the Woods Get Noisy, the Animals Get Nervous

Molecular Time Bomb: How RIPK1 Deficiency Sparks the Aging Inflammatory Response

Confirmation: l’Univers baigne dans un fond d’ondes gravitationnelles de basse fréquence -- Confirmation: the Universe is bathed in a background of low-frequency gravitational waves

Supernovae are the Source of Dust in Early Galaxies

India's space agency set to launch lunar lander, rover

James Webb telescope captures the most distant active supermassive black hole yet

Is ‘Long Vax Syndrome’ A Rare Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effect? Here’s What’s Known