Top news for 2023-06-20

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How AI Can Help Find New Minerals On Earth And Other Planets

Tracking 2 Tropical Atlantic Systems On Juneteenth - That’s Strange

Peru Suffering Worst Dengue Outbreak In Its History, Over 146K Cases

When Rockets Meet Sharks: The Hidden Impacts Of The Brazilian Space Program

North America’s First Parrot Breeders Got Started Earlier Than We Knew

See Next Year’s ‘Great American Eclipse’ From An ‘Imaginary Spacecraft’

First Direct Evidence of Phosphorus – a Key Building Block of Life – on an Extraterrestrial Ocean World

Why Does COVID Affect People Differently? Researchers Uncover New Insights

Scientists Discover a Weird Material Made of Subatomic Particles

In 1930, Bernard Lyot invented the coronagraph that allowed total solar eclipses to be recreated at will. It is essentially a telescope with a small disk in the focal plane to exactly cover the disk of the sun like the moon would