Top news for 2023-06-16

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Eroxon, First Over-The-Counter Erectile Dysfunction Gel, Gets FDA Approval

World's Largest Fusion Project Is in Big Trouble, New Documents Reveal

Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Inside a Totally Different Plant

NASA Power Play: Astronauts Finish Installing Roll-Out Solar Array in Record-Tying Spacewalk

Night Owls Tend to Die Sooner. But It's Not Late Bedtimes Killing Them.

Remains of an Extinct World of Primordial Organisms Discovered

SETI’s Technosignature Hunt: Quest for Extraterrestrial Signals in the Heart of the Milky Way Takes Off

We Finally Know How Photosynthesis Starts: It Takes Just a Single Photon

A Grave Warning About Antarctica Is Hidden Inside Octopus DNA

Pheromone Frenzy: World’s First Transgenic Ants Reveal How Colonies Respond to an Alarm