Top news for 2023-06-07

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How long does wildfire smoke last and is it dangerous?

The Grand Canyon and Colorado River Are in Crisis

First Sighting Of Whale Sharks Bottom Feeding

This Thunderous Goose Relative Was Built like a Tank with the Wings of a Songbird

Canadian Smoke Invades Northeast U.S. Cities —What’s Going On?

A Quantum of Solace: Resolving a Mathematical Puzzle in Quarks and Gluons in Nuclear Matter

AI Revolutionizes Antibiotic Discovery: A New Hope Against Evasive Hospital Superbugs

SpaceX Dragon Arrives at ISS With Pioneering Science Experiments and Solar Arrays

A Single Injection Could Potentially Replace Neutering For Female Cats

Unwind and Thrive: How Evening “Recovery” Impacts Your Workday Mood