Top news for 2023-06-06

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Why Venus Is So Bright Right Now

What Happens To Sharks When They’re Released From Aquariums?

A gene therapy shot might keep cats from getting pregnant without being spayed

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope mission — Live updates

How Fungal Meningitis Outbreaks Can Happen after Cosmetic Procedures and Other Surgeries

Alli Smith, of the Cornell Ornithology Laboratory, offers beginner tips for exploring the wide world of birds.

How Much Worry about Mass Shootings Is Too Much?

In Photos: A Spectacular ‘Strawberry Moon’ Lights Up The Night Sky

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Wants To Put Chips In Our Brains — How It Works And Who Else Is Doing It

Ultrasound Puts Animals into a Curious Hibernation-Like State