Top news for 2023-06-04

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Blue Balls Can Affect Anyone, But 1 Group Faces More Sexual Pressure Because Of It

Little-Known Microbes Could Be an Early Warning Signal of Climate Tipping Point

Critical Oversight in EPA’s PFAS Rules: Ignoring a Key Contaminant Source

Neanderthals May Have Been The First To Carefully Concoct This Substance

Survival Is a Disgusting Matter – How Nature Uses Revulsion as a Shield

Scientists Discover That Coastal Ecosystems Are a Net Greenhouse Gas Sink

For These Bird Flu Researchers, Work Is a Day at the Very ‘Icky’ Beach

How Our Cells Kill Themselves – Scientists Decode the Exact Mechanism at the Atomic Level

New 15-country study shows that people who live nearer to or visit the seaside more enjoy better health, regardless of personal income or country.

A ‘vampire einstein’ tile outdoes mathematicians’ latest feat