Top news for 2023-06-03

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From Kitchen Pest to Scientific Hero: The Tremendous Research Value of Fruit Flies

Astronomers are Searching for a Galaxy-Wide Transmitter Beacon at the Center of the Milky Way

The “Thunder God Vine” – An Herbal Compound To Help Fight Arthritis

Scientists Hacked Human Cells to Make Insulin, And It Reversed Diabetes in Mice

Warning as Diet Coke sweetener 'destroys gut cells & may increase cancer risk'

Origami in Orbit: Reusable Heat Shield Transforms Spacecraft Reentries

Spacewalk Preps and Science Work on Space Station As SpaceX Dragon Counts Down To Launch

SpaceX launches Dragon cargo capsule to space station, lands rocket at sea (video)

Watch China's Shenzhou 15 astronauts return to Earth this weekend (video)

Scientists have found a way to get brain cancer cells to self-destruct. Aggressive glioblastoma tumours could be in trouble: a breakthrough discovery successfully wiped out cancer cells in mice.