Top news for 2023-06-01

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Astrophysicists confirm the faintest galaxy ever seen in the early universe

State Farm Stops Offering Insurance in California

Webb Spies ‘Shocking’ 6,000 Mile Water Jet Spewing From Saturn Moon

Honeybee Swarms Darken U.K. Skies, Sending Beekeepers Scrambling

In Photos: New York’s ‘Manhattanhenge’ And When To See The Next One

Unlocking The Family Secrets Of Deadly Caterpillars

How to Lower Deaths Among Women? Give Away Cash.

An Inside Look at Covid’s Lasting Damage to the Lungs

FDA Approves Pfizer’s RSV Vaccine for Adults 60 and Older

An Appeals Court Gave the Sacklers Legal Immunity. Here’s What the Ruling Means.