Top news for December 21, 2008

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The Real-Life Daredevil Paleontologist Behind Indiana Jones

Brain Implants Allow Paralyzed Man to Walk Using His Thoughts

The Universe Began with a Bang, Not a Bounce, New Studies Find

You Can Probably Beat ChatGPT at These Math Brainteasers. Here's Why

A Psychologist Warns Against Becoming A ‘Toxic Handler’ To Troubled Friends

Chandra and JWST Join Forces in a Stunning Series of Images

New Study: Attending Live Sport Improves Well-Being

Study points to brain abnormality that may explain sudden infant death syndrome — A new study using radioactive psychedelics suggests that infants who die of SIDS have abnormal serotonin receptors

A long-lasting drug delivery system to treat HIV

Metallic Magic: Forging a Dream Material With Semiconductor Quantum Dots