Top news for December 21, 2008

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Axiom Space Ax-3 private spaceflight with SpaceX: Mission updates

New Digital Twin Of The Titanic Could Reveal Shipwreck’s Secrets

Ancient Humans in Europe Started Controlling Fire Far, Far Earlier Than We Thought

SUPERNOVA ALERT: SN 2023ixf has just been discovered in the Pinwheel Galaxy, M101! At 21 million light years this is the closest SN in a decade, and should become bright enough for amateur telescopes!!!

“Super Seaweed”: Scientists Have Dramatically Increased the Health and Medicinal Value of Seaweed

Mpox Virus Can Survive On Surfaces Up To 30 Days, New Study Says

Two-in-One: Quantum Dot Breakthrough Combines Laser and LED Capabilities

Strange Crystal Melts And Changes Color When Exposed to Light

Heat Warning: North-West Europe’s Hottest Days Sizzle at Double the Warming Rate

Moving Is a Monumental Task for Many Older Americans. These Organizers Can Help.