Top news for December 21, 2008

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Scientists Think They Know How This Extinct Bear-Like Marsupial Got So Big

“Surprising” Findings – Scientists Identify Complete Respiratory Supercomplex

Wastewater: A Hidden Hotspot for Antibiotic Resistance

Challenging Widely Accepted Theory of Planetary Formation – Small Stars May Host Bigger Planets Than Thought

Mushrooms Appear to Have Electrical 'Conversations' After It Rains

New Study Unveils Complexities of Long COVID

International Sea Level Satellite Spots Early Signs of El Niño

Mars’ Mega Volcano: A Tour of Ascraeus Mons’ Rugged Terrain

Nano-Wheels: Metallic Clusters With Unique Properties for Advanced Technology

Mutation Mystery: Unraveling the Secret Behind COVID-19’s Rapid Spread