Top news for 2023-05-13

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Largest Cosmic Explosion Ever Seen Leaves Scientists Baffled

Parrot Babies Babble Just like Us

Adversity in Early Childhood Can Impair Brain Development

Tech Abounds To Fight Bad Medicines In Nigeria, But Will People Actually Use It?

Astronomers 'Puzzled' by The Largest Cosmic Explosion We've Observed

Mouse Study Reveals Unlikely Connection Between Menthol And Alzheimer's

Desert Dust Plays a Vital Role in Fertilizing Phytoplankton Growth in Oceans

Cosmonauts Successfully Deploy Radiator During 5-Hour Spacewalk on ISS

Successfully Deployed: Juice Spacecraft’s RIME Antenna Finally Breaks Free

Rock that punched hole in New Jersey house confirmed to be 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite