Top news for December 21, 2008

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In Photos: See Earth’s Shadow Fall On The Full ‘Flower Moon’ In The Deepest Such Eclipse Until 2042

Possible Meteorite Strikes House In New Jersey

Online Art Doesn’t Have The Same Effect On Everyone

New Mammogram Advice: What to Know

Ecuador Announces a Debt-for-Nature Deal for Galápagos Conservation

AI ‘Emergent Abilities’ Are A Mirage, Says AI Researcher

Nearby ‘Death Star’ Caught Swallowing Planet To Burn Brighter

A Psychologist’s 3-Step Guide To Cultivating A Secure Relationship With An Insecure Partner

Virtual Reality System Lets You Stop and Smell the Roses

Total Eclipse Of Jupiter: Exactly How, When And Where To See Next Week’s Rare Event With Your Naked Eyes