Top news for 2023-05-04

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The Return Of Halley’s Comet Begins Soon. See Its ‘Shooting Stars’ This Week 37 Years After Last Appearance

Hubble follows shadow play around planet-forming disk

Where Did Mars's Moons Come From?

Surviving in the Ephemeral Pools of Life

This Might Be the World's Oldest Tree. And It Could Die of Thirst

Astronomers Just Saw a Star Eat a Planet for the First Time

Full Moon May 2023: 7 Things To Know About The ‘Flower Moon Eclipse’—The Deepest Of Its Kind Until 2042

Greenland Sharks Have What In Their Butts?!

Nature’s Quantum Secret: Link Discovered Between Photosynthesis and “Fifth State of Matter”

Dark Energy Was Always Present, Everywhere and at Every Time