Top news for 2023-05-01

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This Pioneering Nuclear Fusion Lab Is Gearing Up to Break More Records

Deadly African Drought Wouldn't Have Happened without Climate Change

National Academies Members Demand Answers About Sacklers’ Donations

Proteins Never Seen in Nature Are Designed Using AI to Address Biomedical and Industrial Problems Unsolved by Evolution

2 Papers Claim Face Masks May Cause Long Covid, Stillbirths, Here Are The Problems With Them

As Hospitals Close and Doctors Flee, Sudan’s Health Care System Is Collapsing

In Photos: The Weird Geometry Of Last Week’s Total Solar Eclipse Produced Some Jaw-Dropping Images

Stargazing In May 2023: A ‘Flower Moon,’ A Jupiter Eclipse And Meteors From Halley’s Comet

See The ‘Flower Moon’ In Eclipse As Halley’s Comet Spits ‘Shooting Stars:’ The Night Sky This Week

Future Heat Waves Are Coming, And These Countries Are Most at Risk