Top news for 2023-04-30

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Scientists Study What It Takes For Microbes To Live On Cooling Lava

Meteorite Smashes Through Roof In German Town

Long-Banned Pollutants Are Even in The Deepest Place on Earth, Study Reveals

European Satellite Measures Exactly How Much Ice Has Been Lost from Glaciers

Cracking the Code of Autoimmune Diseases: New Approach Identifies Key Protein Fragments

Sweet Irony: The Twisted Behavior of Starving Argentine Ants

Exploring Cosmic Mysteries: A Deep Dive Into Our Nearest Star-Forming Galaxy

New Drug Successfully Treats Fatty Liver Disease in Primate Model

Musk predicts next Starship launch in a “couple months”

Researchers Figure Out The Bizarre Math Behind 'Ultrafast' Worm Blobs