Top news for December 21, 2008

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How Solitude Can Be Good – Even Important – For Your Mental Health

NASA to fly supersonic X-59 airplane over several communities, to see how people perceive quieter sonic ‘thumps’ rather than booms

Defying the Eddington Limit: NASA Unveils the Secret Behind Ultra-Luminous X-Ray Sources

Sperm Donor Fathers Over 550 Children, Dutch Court Orders Him To Stop

Solar Power in Space: Astronauts Conclude Historic Power Boosting Spacewalk

Scientists Just Quantified The Shocking Extent of Type 2 Diabetes Due to Poor Diet

Unlocking New Smells – A Game-Changing Breakthrough in the World of Scents

Back Then, Baby Galaxies. Next, a Super-Mega Galactic Cluster?

Just Add Water – Stanford Researchers Have Discovered a Simple and Eco-Friendly Way To Make Ammonia

Hubble telescope eyes galactic site of distant star explosion (video)