Top news for 2023-04-28

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China's Zhurong Mars rover finds signs of recent water activity on Red Planet

Beatrix Potter Is More Than the Creator of Peter Rabbit

New Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer—The Most Lethal Of Cancers—Offers Hope

Prehistoric Fungal Spores Reveal Two ‘Waves’ Of Extinction In Colombia

Scientists Study What It Takes For Microbes To Live On Cooling Lava

What Is A Quasar? Astronomers Finally Find The Answer And Reveal The Milky Way’s Future

Fentanyl deaths have spiked among U.S. children and teens

How Music Can Keep the Brain Young

There Is No Climate Tipping Point: How the “tipping points” metaphor infiltrated environmental discussions—and how it set us back

China is Planning to Land Humans on the Moon by 2030 as Part of its Ambitious Lunar Agenda